Darbhanga Ghat

Location of Darbhanga Ghat

The palatial building of Darbhanga Ghat is made of sandstone from Chunar, with beautiful porches and Greek pillars. The strong steps for the roof were built in 1930. This area has been importance in the Puranic context, but for its grandeur and architectural style this palace is very important.In 1994 the Darbhanga palace was purchased by the Clarks Hotel Group, who named it as Brijrama Palace, and planned to transform it into five star hotel.

They have already demolished almost half of the structure from the back; its back perimeter is being extended and its height raised in order to make suitable for the use of the planned hotel. It would be a lovely setting for the hotel with a view to attract a high class rich tourists from the west, however by the growth of essential infrastructural facilities the whole environment will face the problem of pollution, socio-psychological depression and harder common life.

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